Beech Center

We have recently completed a major renovation of the Beech Center and Eddie Ross Hangar. The duration of the project was exactly 12 months. The first design discussion took place during the 2007 Beech Party and the final coat of paint was applied just prior to the 35th Anniversary Celebration and T-34 Homecoming. In between were many hours of design iterations, discussions, deliberations, and decisions which transformed over 10,000 square feet on the inside, plus at least the same amount on the outside.

A beam truss portico now accentuates the relocated front entrance and mahogany doors. Two folding walls of glass allow guests to traverse between the lobby and the stone patio. Additional seating is available on the patio, courtesy of the stone cap which lines the perimeter. The walkway from the parking lot is reminiscent of a runway, complete with lights to guide the way. Additional lighting is provided by a Beechcraft sign, mounted above the full glass hydraulically lifting hangar door.

Inside, the first Beechcraft greets visitors from its illuminated position behind the glass door. The image of the Staggerwing is reflected in the glossy epoxy coated floor. Wooden beams and rustic brick columns frame the office façade. The adjacent ticket windows feature handmade copper awnings and wooden beam countertop. The Staggerwing Café beckons from behind its wooden pergola, while the museum merchandise is neatly displayed inside the paneled storefront. Oil paintings hang in front of clever fabric panels, reminiscent of an art gallery. Seating is provided by plush leather sofas and chairs, or by cast iron bistro tables.

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